Ardakan Industrial Ceramics Comapny

Producer of Different kinds of Ceramics based on Alumina, Silicate, Catalyst, Absorbent and more.

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About Us

Ardakan Industrial Ceramics (A.I.C) Company was registered in 1995 through Ehyaa Sepahan Industries and Mining Complex Company, becoming operational in 1997. The company, the one and only manufacturer of alumina-based industrial ceramics and the largest of silicate-based industrial ceramics in IRAN became operational and found its way into the world markets , becoming a success over the first decade and maintaining its superiority of product quality using the expertise, commitment and perseverance of their management, specialists and workers.

Production capacity increased in a three-stage expansion project from 1200 to 7000 metric tons annually. The honor of winning over 30 quality achievement and customer satisfaction certificates locally and abroad as well as international certificates along with establishing an Integrated Management System (I.M.S.) are proof of continuing struggle of the company in realizing its superior goals.

We never fail to appreciate the vital role of customer satisfaction and loyalty, striving to produce and supply products in accordance with the customers'' demands, using superior quality, advanced technologies, participative management, and cooperation of science and research centers as well as a mechanized and flexible production process. Today we take pride in having A.I.C. established for industrial ceramics as a superior unique manufacturer in local industries and a well-reputed company of good standing abroad.

Our Products

Currently the company''s products fall into the following three groups:

  1. Alumina Grinding Balls & Liners: BA92 and LA92.
  2. Wear resistance alumina-based bricks: LA92.
  3. Catalyst Bed Supports (ADM): Alumina-based (ADM 920, 990) and silicate-based ceramic balls: (ADM 220, ...).

Depending on their unique properties, each group has a wide range of applications in various industries and is respectively used in the following industries:

  • Tiles and ceramics industries, porcelain, glazing, pigment and cement.
  • Iron, steel and mines industries.
  • Oil, natural gas, petrochemical and chemical industries.